Enjoy Europe by train

One of the great things about Europe being relatively compact is that you can see so much in a short space of time, as long as you don’t waste time sitting in airports. Taking the train is a more convenient and often cost-effective way of getting about but if you need convincing, these 10 reasons may help.

1. High speed network
European countries have invested billions in high speed rail networks over the years. This has resulted in a network of high speed trains linking Europe’s main cities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

2. Travel when it suits
There are multiple services every day, on various routes and at different departure times. You simply have to choose which one best meets your travel plans.

3. Avoid the check-in hassles
Even when travelling between countries, train check-in procedures are automated and streamlined. This means you avoid the lengthy queues and laborious luggage procedures associated with airports and get to where you need to be without any hassle.

4. Get there on time
Unlike planes, trains on the main European routes operate at punctuality rates of over 90 per cent and the reliability figures speak for themselves.

5. Work or play onboard
Power sockets are available on most trains and with no aviation restrictions, you can use your laptop and mobile phones to work or play online. There are several train operators which now offer free wifi and with plenty of space to spread out, you can work, read or play comfortably until you reach your destination.

6. City-to-city departures and arrivals
European cities have grown around their transport hubs. As soon as you step off the train, you’re in the centre of the action with restaurants, hotels and attractions within a few minutes walk.

7. Easy access
Europe is linked by over 240,000 kilometres of track so getting to where you want isn’t a hassle. Also, most European airports have direct rail links to city centres. Once your holiday is over, catching your flight home is easy.

8. Stretch out
With fewer restrictions on space, you can stretch your legs, go to the bar or enjoy a meal in the dinning carriage. Some trains also offer seat back entertainment and radio.

9. Cost effective.
With a wide range of fares on offer, you can always find one which suits your budget. First class leisure fares make travelling in style and comfort more affordable. Meanwhile fully-flexible tickets offer you peace of mind should your travel arrangements change unexpectedly.

10. A greener way to travel
Well-established high speed rail systems are more environmentally friendly than travel by air or road. By choosing train travel you are making a responsible and environmentally-friendly choice.

Travelling in Europe by train is made even easier by being able to buy tickets which are valid in several countries, for varying durations. While you can arrange these tickets when you arrive, it often pays to book in advance, as savings are greater the earlier you book. Railplus and Raileurope both offer a pre-booking service online or over the phone, and consultants are on hand to ensure that you get the best ticket for your journey.

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