Lounging around in Europe’s best spas

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European cities are undoubtedly among the most desirable places to visit, but when all that pavement pounding becomes too much for your tired legs, these top spa spots should be your next stop.

Novotel Thalassa Le Touquet, France 
Le Touquet is a hidden gem in northern France, unless of course you’re one of the hordes of Parisians who descend there in August.  Situated on the coast three hours by train from Paris, this upmarket beachside town has retained much of its old-world charm and is a wonderful place to float in a saltwater spa, known as Thalassa.

Harnessing the healing and relaxation properties of saltwater, this is an affordable option for immersing yourself in a luxurious treatment of your choice.

From $225 (approx.) per night, including accommodation and treatments.

Espa Spa, Perthshire, Scotland
Probably most famous for its golf courses, with three of the world’s best situated in this small Scottish town, the Gleneagles Hotel has branched out to cater to those ‘widowed’ by the sport. Often quoted as the most glamorous spa on the British Isles, you know that a day spent at the Espa Spa won’t come cheap. Embracing the rugged yet beautiful landscape, the spa offers a light-filled area for you to soak up a dose of Vitamin D and for the chillier afternoon, you can retreat to the dimly lit cavern that is warmed by log fires and faux fur throws.

There is an array of treatments on offer, with a Spa day, including lunch costing approximately $245 and an overnight stay for two with breakfast an additional $1025!

Villa Stephanie, Baden-Baden, Germany
Germany may not be the first place you think of when considering a luxurious spa break, however, the natural hot springs found in the south-west spa town of Baden-Baden offer the perfect relaxing getaway. Villa Stephanie is part of Brenner’s Hotel, which is located in historic Baden-Baden at the foot of the Black Forrest, giving you the feeling of remoteness and tranquility, but also access to the opera.

With typical German efficiency, as well as having a thorough, if somewhat bracing massage, you can also consult a doctor and even a dentist in this elaborate spa. Spending time in this luxurious spa doesn’t come cheap, with a Ladies day special setting you back approximately $585 for 3.5 hours!

Four Seasons Spa, Florence
As one of Italy’s most beautiful cities, it follows that any spa located here is going to be pretty special. Nestled in the ancient trees of Giardino della Gherardesca, the Spa even offers an intimate Spa Suite for two. As you would expect from the land of delicious wine, you can even indulge in a Chianti Wine Massage for around $225 for 50 minutes. Up the luxury to the Spa Suite and a 3 1/4 hour pampering session will set you back approximately $870.

And if you really want to ramp up the luxury and are staying in the Four Seasons, why not rent a Ferrari for the day?




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Written by Debbie McTaggart


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