Haydn Festival at Esterházy Palace

The imposing Esterházy Palace is the ideal setting for the Haydn Festival, celebrating the music of composer Joseph Haydn. The Austro-Hungarian Haydn Orchestra is the ‘orchestra-in-residence’ at the festival. A specific of the orchestra is a so-called ‘Eisenstadt or Pannonian’ style, which gives it a unique sound. With its outstanding acoustics, the Haydn Hall is ranked one of the finest in the world.

In a region spilling over with classical tradition, the concert season is a beloved time of year. But Eisenstadt’s annual Haydn Festival, held at the stunning Esterházy Palace, has an extra special place in many hearts. Every year in September, the Austro-Hungarian Haydn Orchestra demonstrates its unique Eisenstadt, or Pannonian, style – and show why the palace’s Haydn Hall is famous throughout the world for its beauty and perfect acoustics.

This year’s festival will focus on the influence of contemporary music, including American music, during Haydn’s lifetime. The audience will have the rare opportunity to compare the sounds of period instrument ensembles with those of modern orchestras. Joseph Haydn composed many of his works for this hall and its particular acoustics. There is no greater tribute than a festival like this.

Schloss Esterhazy
A-7000 Eisenstadt

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