How do I get to Gallipoli in 2015?

Tony is keen to visit Gallipoli in 2015, but isn’t sure which tour he should consider. However, he should be aware that it’s not just as simple as booking a trip.


Q. Tony
I’ve seen many tours and cruises advertised for Gallipoli 2015 and I would dearly love to go to commemorate the 100th anniversary. Are these tours worth the money and which one is considered the best?


A. For a couple of years now tour and cruise operators have been advertising trips to Gallipoli in 2015, but you need to read the small print to find out exactly what’s included. Any tour or cruise which advertises access to the official site should be avoided, as it is not possible for companies to guarantee this.

Access to the official site at Gallipoli is limited to 10,500 people and will be allocated by a ballot. Australians have access to 8000 places, New Zealanders 2000 places and 500 places are available for officials. The ballot opened on 16 November 2013 and will close on 31 January 2014. Within the allocated places, there is also certain criteria which you must meet and preference will be given to certain categories of applicant.

If you have booked a tour or cruise, you will still need to enter the ballot and should contact your tour company to find out what happens if you’re not successful. Of course, many tours and cruises may be offering trips without guaranteed access to the official site, however, if you feel you have been mislead, you should refer to Australian Consumer Law.  

For more details about the ballot process and how to apply, visit

Written by Debbie McTaggart