Learn to waltz at Vienna’s best address

The Dance School of Elmayer is Vienna’s finest dance institution. Learn the Viennese Waltz and etiquette that comes along with it at this historic address before joining the fun at one of Vienna’s festive balls.

The Viennese Waltz is an integral part of Viennese culture, like country music is a part of Nashville. The waltz melodies and dance are seemingly in the blood of every Viennese. At the sweet age of 16, Vienna’s adolescents typically flock to one of the city’s famed dance schools to learn the dance steps and social etiquette of the elegant ball culture.

The most legendary address to do so is the The Dance School of Elmayer, or short ‘Elmayer.’ This school is synonymous with sophisticated Viennese lifestyle, and is unique in the world today. Elmayer was founded by the former officer of the Austrian Imperial Army Willy Elmayer von Vestenbrugg in 1919, and calls the Pallavicini Palace next to the Spanish Riding School its home.

During the “Golden Twenties,” Elmayer introduced his unique program, which until today combines instruction in manners and dancing based on the traditional Austrian imperial system. Today, visitors to Vienna are welcome to learn the simple basics of the joyous Viennese Waltz. Just make sure to bring along nicely polished shoes with smooth soles and get ready to spin around Elmayer’s dance floor in three-quarter time!

Elmayer Dance School
Braeunerstrasse 13
1010 Vienna

To find out how you can learn to waltz at Vienna’s best address, visit Austria. Unique Like You

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