A pie and a pint

No trip to Ireland, north or south, would be complete without a visit to the pub. And when travelling through Belfast, the best place to grab a pint, a pie and meet the locals is The Crown Bar.

Serving locals and visitors since 1849, The Crown Liquor Saloon in Belfast is not just somewhere to grab a drink, but experience the history of those who have done so before. Slip into The Snug, which historically was where those who publicly decried drinking would sneak into for a drink, hoping no one would see them. 

Grab a dram at the bar and listen to the locals, or sit back and enjoy some local culinary fare as you marvel at the craftsmanship that has gone into making this ‘the most beautiful bar in the world’.

And if you want to know what to expect before you go, why not have a look at the comings and goings of The Crown on its webcam?

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