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Ok, so most people know that Northern Ireland is part of Britain, but did you know that Belfast was recently voted the safest city in the UK? But wait, there’s more…

1. On a clear day you can see Scotland, although why would you want to when Northern Ireland has everything?

2. There is a sport called Irish Road Bowling (Ból an bhóthair). As the name suggests, this involves two contestants throwing a solid iron bowl (weighing 28oz) along a stretch of road. Using great skill and accurate calculations, the winner is the one to deliver the ball over the finish line in the least number of throws.

3. The oldest occupied castle in Northern Ireland is Killyleagh Castle in Co. Down. It has been used as a private residence since the 13th century.

4. In 1886, the bell of St. Malachy’s Church on Alfred Street was removed. Why? The adjacent distillery in Dunville complained that the tolling of the bells interfered with the maturing of the whisky.

5. The DeLorean DMC-12 of Back to the Future fame was built in Dunmurry, County Antrim

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