Myths and legends

As well as great romantics, the Irish deserve their reputation as the greatest storytellers, with a store of rich tales stretching back to pre-history.

From St Patrick driving the snakes (non-believers) from Armagh, to the daring feats of Maude of xx, there’s a tale to learn wherever you find yourself.

The best way to hear the stories of Ireland is to join a tour of a museum, a cultural centre or a town or city walking tour. Try the three exhibitions of St Patrick’s Trian Centre in Armagh, Northern Ireland. These three stories trace the development of Armagh from pagan times to the coming of Saint Patrick and Celtic Christianity, to the city as it is today. Or visit the Navan Centre and Fort which was home to the High Kings of Ulster in ancient times and enter one of the ‘local’s’ huts to hear of life, as it was experienced some 2000 years ago. Or visit the newly created Leprechaun Museum in Dublin where men with the gift of the gab will take you through enchanted tunnels, past wishing wells, sharing stories of the wee folk and their exploits along the way.

Saint Patrick’s Trian Centre

Navan Centre and Fort

Leprechaun Museum