Technology of the Irish

If you thought the Irish were a quaint, backward nation, think again. They have the technology to make sure you don’t even have to leave your own home to enjoy a trip round Dublin, you can even send a postcard!

Thanks to Visit Dublin, you can check out a live webcam feed of Dublin, listen to the history of Ireland in a pod cast or search through birth records in Ireland to see if you have some Irish in you.

Send an Irish E-card
Why not send your friend’s an Irish E-card. There are 32 to choose from in a number of different themes and of course are free. Send one today with your personalised message

Listen to Irish pod casts
These pod casts provide you with a wealth of information and knowledge about the history of Ireland and its great people. With twelve different themes to choose from, you can learn a lot for free!

Watch a live webcam in Dublin
Streaming live from Dublin to your computer screen, this live webcam operates 24/7 and gives you a brief look at a busy Dublin during the day or night.

Irish Genealogy
With over three million genealogical records on their database, the Central Signposting Index is a good place to start when tracing your Irish roots

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