Why Ireland? Why not?

With over two million Australians claiming to have Irish roots, it is hardly surprising that Ireland is such a popular travel destination. Of course, you don’t need to be Irish to enjoy a trip to the Emerald Isle and with the Australian dollar still quite strong against the Euro, there really is nothing stopping you.

Whatever you’re looking for in a holiday, Ireland has it in spades. Maybe you wish to explore your Irish roots, visit friends or family, marvel at the beautiful scenery or simply enjoy the Irish hospitality? Ireland is a land of many contrasts, with the south, or Eire as it’s known, very quintessentially Irish and the north offering a more British culture.

Ireland boasts Dublin as its capital city and what a city it is. Blessed with both historical and cosmopolitan appeal and set on the picturesque River Liffey, Dublin has a magnificent Viking history, is home to the Books of Kells at Trinity College and is where one of Ireland’s best-known exports – Guinness – is not only manufactured, but also tastes the best. Northern Ireland’s capital Belfast, where the Titanic was built, has a rich cultural life which includes many galleries, theatres and a host of year-round festivals.

The island of Ireland is made up of four provinces and 32 counties, and each has it’s own unique charms and traditions. As you travel around the counties, you will visit numerous ancient castles and stately homes, as well as Ireland’s many natural wonders including; the geological phenomenon of the Giant’s Causeway, the Cliffs of Moher which stand 700 feet above the Atlantic Ocean, the magnificent scenery around the Ring of Kerry and the beautiful white sandy stretches of beach along the Cork/Kerry coast. 

The climate in Ireland is never too hot or too cold… it’s always just right, so any time to visit is the perfect time. During the high season, in summer, you will enjoy long sunny evenings, parks in full bloom and festivals around every corner. As for autumn, spring and winter, you are sure to see Ireland showing off her 40 shades of green. Just remember that it’s the rain which makes the country so green and lush!

With the Australian dollar still being relatively strong against the Euro and the Pound, Ireland is an attractive holiday destination. There’s enough to see and do that you could make Ireland your sole destination, or if you’re looking to maximise the outlay on your international flights, then why not include it in your itinerary when visiting the United Kingdom or the rest of Europe? A number of international airlines, including Etihad and British Airways, fly from Australia to Ireland several times a week. And onward travel to the many exciting European destinations is entirely accessible and affordable by train, plane, ferry or car.

The Irish people are renowned worldwide for their hospitality and wherever you are in Ireland, you will be offered a warm welcome.  The one thing you’ll be sure to return home with is a whole new group of friends.


So, what are you waiting for? Ireland’s waiting for you.

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