Pilots back trans-Tasman bubble and reopening borders

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The idea of a trans-Tasman tourism bubble received a major boost when pilots announced that they were on board with the plan.

Australian and International Pilots Association (AIPA) president Mark Sedgwick said pilots were backing an early opening of the trans-Tasman bubble to kickstart tourism, hospitality and aviation in Australia and New Zealand.

“Our priority is to get planes and pilots back in the air, which will enable people to start moving across the Tasman and around Australia when it is safe to do so,” Mr Sedgwick said.

“This is an essential first step in Australia’s economic recovery.”

Mr Sedgwick said AIPA, which comprises pilots working for the Qantas Group, had held discussions with the New Zealand Airline Pilots’ Association (NZALPA), with both organisations backing calls for the trans-Tasman bubble to be opened as soon as it is safe to do so.

“Australia and New Zealand have managed the COVID-19 pandemic extremely well with low rates of infection in both countries,” Mr Sedgwick said.

“Our economies are heavily dependent on tourism and we believe the trans-Tasman bubble represents an important opportunity to boost tourism in both countries.”

He said the associations would be writing to the trans-Tasman Safe Border Group to encourage the resumption of services at the earliest opportunity.

“AIPA is also appealing to states and territories, which have closed their borders, to reopen them to allow domestic aviation to resume,” Mr Sedgwick explained.

“We want all the states to commit to the time frame outlined by the NSW government, in line with the federal government’s three-stage plan for economic recovery.

“More than five million people have signed up for the COVIDSafe app, allowing health authorities to track and trace the spread of the virus, which will help support an increase in domestic travel,” Mr Sedgwick said.

“Pilots support NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian and tourism minister Stuart Ayres who have called for all states and territories to reopen borders by 1 July,” he said.

“Aviation and tourism must restart in order to get our economy out of hibernation and heading down the path of recovery.”

How would you feel about trans-Tasman travel being back on the agenda? Would you be willing to travel to New Zealand?

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Written by Ben


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  1. 0

    Would sooner travel within Australia and put money into our economy to start with, then consider travelling elsewhere later, but the sooner the better, could do with a bit of warmer climate, must be getting old.

  2. 0

    This will NEVER happen unless “Those Who Know” get rid of the ridiculous requirement to still go into jail for 14 days when entering Australia from NZ and vice versa. If I want to fly to NZ to see my kids & grandkids, I certainly am NOT willing to spend 14 days in isolation when I get to NZ and then another 14 days in isolation when I get back to Ozland !

    • 0

      Well said, fearlessfly.
      I would love to travel to New Zealand South Island as I’ve never been there yet, but hate being blackmailed into downloading Contact Tracing app. and the likes. Absolutely hate this idea of spying and total control !
      We are free people and there is no frigging COVID-19. IT’S A HOAX !

  3. 0

    Not All States/Territories are Fully Open ie Totally Unrestricted Movements By Those Who Live Within. Then those that are Open can’t travel to the “Closed Ones” Without A Permit or Special Exclusion.
    I live in a Regional Area and Telling All within the State it is Open, stay as many nights away travel anywhere except closed “AREAS” PC.
    Just be the FIRST 20 campers to occupy a 500 Plus Area.(The BS is Still Smelly) Pubs,Clubs ETC Restricted Numbers/Social Distancing Except for Rallies That Can Cause 2nd Wave of COVID-19.
    Now they are talking about Trans Tasman Travel, I would suggest GET OUR BACKYARD IN ORDER FIRST.

  4. 0

    Spend one’s holidays in either Australia and New Zealand. After having been locked up (figuratively speaking) in one’s home the time has now arrived to open the borders and encourage both Australians and New Zealanders to visit either country. Forget about overseas travel for some time yet, even though some European countries have opened their borders.

  5. 0

    I certainly wouldn’t travel outside Australia if I had to self isolate for 14 days each way and no way would I be going on a cruise anytime in the near future, couldn’t stand being locked up in an inside cabin would drive me bonkers.Maybe if a vaccine or at least treatment that works for the COV-19 VIRUS is found I might reconsider.I even have my doubts about Australian travel, I would hate the thought of going to another state and getting sick so far from home, you wouldn’t know who has been in your hotel/motel room and how well it has been cleaned so I think I will put travel on hold for a while.

  6. 0

    For eight years I’ve gone to NZ to spend Christmas with my daughter and grandchildren. I desperately want to do this again this year — but not if I have to be quarantined there and here on return. What’s the point.



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