Discover historical sites

Australia and Hawai’i are linked by the famous explorer, Captain Cook. Eight years after setting foot in Botany Bay, the navigator found his way to the Islands, where sadly he met his demise.

Kaua’i is the oldest island of Hawai’i and its heritage is one of fascinating folklore steeped in rich history. Captain Cook landed at Waimea Bay in 1778, but their history predates his arrival by centuries. There are many historical sites waiting to be explored on Kaua’i. Kauai Museum, established in 1960 contains exhibits, artefacts, and murals portraying the history of Kaua’i and its unique culture. Grove Farm Homestead Museum is a sugar plantation that depicts life in old Hawai’i during the plantation era (1864).  

From the first Polynesians which crossed the oceans to land on Kaua’i’s shores, Hawaiian society has been recorded on the landscape in heiau (temples) and fishponds, preserved by museums, historic trails and landmarks. To visit Kauai is to honor that history.

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