These small countries offer big travel experiences

Five tiny destinations that should be on your travel wish list.

These small countries offer big travel experiences

There’s something nice about the notion of seeing an entire country, and with these five tiny destinations, you can pretty much do just that!

5. Marshall Islands
The Republic of the Marshall Islands, is a 181-square km island country in the Pacific Ocean, situated about halfway between Hawaii and Australia. It’s actually the world’s seventh smallest country. Snorkelers, swimmers and scuba divers will delight in this incredibly biodiverse region, which boasts shipwrecks, over 800 species of fish and 160 species of coral.

marshall islands

4. Malta
Consisting of three islands – Gozo, Comino and Malta – Malta is a Mediterranean gem that features a warm, sunny climate, beautiful beaches, fascinating history and architecture and a buzzing nightlife. At 316 square km, it’s the 10th smallest island in the world but one of the most densely populated.

3. Maldives
The world’s ninth smallest country and the smallest in Asia, the Maldives is a popular destination in the Indian Ocean. Consisting of 1192 coral islands, the Maldives are actually spread over 90,000 square km but with a land mass of just 300 square km, it is one of the world's most dispersed countries. You’ll notice Portuguese, Dutch and British influences, as nationals of all these countries once called the Maldives home. With pristine white beaches and crystal clear waters, it’s little wonder the Maldives has such a lively tourism trade.


2. Tuvalu
Formerly known as the Ellice Islands, at 26 square km, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Tuvalu is the world’s smallest country. Located in the Pacific Ocean just off the northeast coast of Australia, Tuvalu is in fact the world’s fourth smallest country. It may not be a tourism hotspot, but it is stunning nonetheless and, with rising waters, it may not be with us for long, so it’s worth a visit soon.


1. Vatican City
The world's smallest country is home to the Pope and the heart of the Catholic Church – the Vatican. At just 0.44 square km, the ‘Holy See’ fits entirely within the Italian city of Rome. It’s a small country but home to St Peter's Basilica – the biggest church in the world which also houses some of history’s most important artwork. The Vatican’s economy may be derived from all those times you’ve passed the basket around church, as well as other contributions from members and savvy investments, but tourism, especially the sale of mementos and admission fees to museums, funds the rest of its economy.

vatican city

Have you visited any of these countries? What was your impression? Would you recommend a holiday there to our members?



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    21st Feb 2018
    Yes Malta is a must visit, visited there 6 months ago, so much history, if you go, you must read up about the Knights of St John and the Brits defending it, during WW2. Climate is perfect, food, delicious, Maltese are lovely people, always have a smile especially if your a Brit, lots of things to do as well, hire a car and mooch...
    21st Feb 2018
    Forgot to mention the Maldives too, I spent a long year on Gan next to Hittadu in a tiny attol many years ago when stationed there in the RAF, wonderful climate, beautiful beaches and I believe the new Maldives especially Male are now a tourist haven especially for Divers..Just be careful to check on the local politics right now..big problems with China and India..
    21st Feb 2018
    Thoroughly agree. Malta is a hidden gem. A lot to do and see for such a small Island and what's more, life's very cheap there. A shoppers heaven! Especialy if you are looking for good jewellery. We found everything was easily accessible by bus, so we didn't even need to hire a car. Don't miss taking one of many boat trips around the beautiful and rugged coastline. Thoroughly recommended.

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