South America

Off the beaten track destinations to visit before everyone does

These hotspots are in danger of being discovered by tourists.

Dairne John takes on Torres del Paine National Park in Chile

Dairne's wings may be clipped for now, but she still dreams of Chile.

Exciting overland tours through South America

Nine budget South American overland tours for the more intrepid traveller.

Nine best Latin American rail journeys

Nine rail tours that take in all the very best that Latin America has to offer.

South America is becoming known as ‘the new Europe’

Here's why tourists are bypassing Europe in favour of South America.

Rio: Lucia’s guide to the wonderful Olympic city

Lucia is only too happy to share her city with you.

Rio Olympics: 10 things to know about Brazil

All eyes will be on Brazil this month when the Rio Olympics begin.

South American Circumnavigation

Australians just love cruising and seniors love taking longer cruises.

Argentina for everyone

Is there enough of interest for three different generations travelling together in Argentina?

Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu was deemed the ‘Lost City' until its relatively recent discovery in 1911.

Jungle journey

When nature's rioting all around, your fellow adventurers will get you through.

$1962 5 days in Buenos Aires

Visit Buenos Aires, ‘The Paris of the South', with its gourmet cuisine.

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