Tassie's strange new (proposed) tourist attraction

An unlikely bathroom break on the clifftops of Tassie.

Tassie's strange new (proposed) tourist attraction

Table Cape, a volcanic plug located on the north-western coastline of Tasmania, is a scenic plateau sitting 180m above sea level. ‘The Cape’, as it is referred to by locals, offers spectacular views of the coastline and nearby tulip fields. On a clear day you can see all the way to George Town’s Low Head and a mountain range more than 175km away from the top of the 12 million-year-old volcano. A stroll along the coastline will bring you to Table Cape Lighthouse, the only operating lighthouse in Tasmania that is open seasonally for tours.

However, while this may be a scenic coastal paradise, there is one problem. Travellers with weak bladders beware, for there is no public bathroom at Table Cape.

The lack of sanitation has been brought to the attention of the Waratah Wynyard council time and time again, sparking the idea for what may just become Tasmania’s latest unlikely attraction. A public bathroom that is fully suspended over the ocean.

“Over the years we’ve had plenty of queries saying, ‘Why isn’t there a toilet on Table Cape?’. This idea, I think it would be a great attraction,”mayor Robby Walsh told the ABC. “It’s the ideal spot for it, and the idea behind the loo with a view [is that it] would be the landmark to our area.”

The proposed pooing – I mean viewing – platform would give tourists a view of Badger Head while sitting on the throne, which, according to Mr Walsh, “should give you some relaxation when you’re in there”.

However, there are a few not so little issues with the proposed tourist attraction. For one, it would cost $35,000 to maintain every year. Councillor Andrea Courtney is among the sceptics. “I just think that this area is so valuable,” she said. “From Yolla down to Waratah, it’s almost God’s country. To make us famous for a toilet, I think, undervalues the quality of the area.”

She notes that Table Cape is not alone in needing public bathrooms, and that the heavy maintenance fee could be better spent building public loos in other areas like Yolla. “I can’t see there’s massive value in it when we could do so much better than being famous for a toilet.”

Are you in favour of the loo with a view? Do you think the council should be paying $35,000 each year to maintain a magnificent loo for tourists?

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    5th Sep 2020
    Being a local, (my house is visible in the top photo) I can say that the site needs a toilet, as it is usually really windy, bloody cold, and there's nowhere to "go". The proposer of this scheme is a nice chap, but has not a great intellect - a typical regional mayor. Locals don't get it -it is the "place" that makes Tassie special, not the facilities, that attracts people. "Facilities" nearly always take that special feeling away.

    It is a good place to visit, but you will be there for about 6 minutes, and town (Wynyard) is 5 mins away with all facilities needed readily available. Except, ladies beware, the public toilets have those male-engineer-designed stainless steel seats. In the cool weather, not a great experience!!

    Come and visit, but then go away.
    7th Sep 2020
    Looks like a nice place to live Janus, lucky you.
    5th Sep 2020
    For god's sake - it's not a bathroom. It's a toilet block.

    As if they would put a public bathroom there!
    5th Sep 2020
    Visited this area a few years ago, and went out to the lighthouse. As an older (well over 70 at the time) did not need the toilet as had been sensible and went before travelling up to see the tulips and the homestead that was open. Then went on to the lighthouse.
    If it's necessary to put a toilet there, think of the one at the National Park south of Eden - it has a looooong drop and a view through the trees to the ocean. Very lovely even though seat was a tad cold.
    5th Sep 2020
    Please do not despoil a wonderful site (never been there but may do so in the future) with a toilet block, totally unnecessary. Surely people can organise themselves to obviate the need to use a lavatory for a short period of time, if not then they should avoid the area. There are a lot of places of natural beauty that are not accessible to people that cannot walk a distance or climb a steep incline. We do not demand lift/escalators for them (for instance Uluru when it was open to climbing).
    5th Sep 2020
    Come to think of it what would a toilet block look like on top of Uluru?

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