Why Melbourne is the best city in the world

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While Sydneysiders will be the first to dispute it, when it comes to the superior Australian city – Melbourne has it covered. In news that won’t come as a surprise to any Melburnian, the cultural capital has been named as the World’s Most Liveable City yet again.

For anyone who hasn’t been counting, this makes it the seventh year running that Melbourne has take out the top spot – which happens to be another record-breaking achievement right there. Not that we’re keeping score or anything.

An honour bestowed by The Economist’s Global Liveability Survey, Melbourne managed a liveability score of 97.5 out of the potential 100 – which is the same score it achieved last year.

The survey rates 140 cities based on a number of key factors, including stability, culture and environment, education, infrastructure and health care. Melbourne scored 100 in education, infrastructure and health care, and while the 95 it scored for culture and environment may not come as a surprise, the 100 for infrastructure – given the glaring lack of decent public transport to the airport – may raise eyebrows, even those belonging to biased Melburnians.

Melbourne has now held first place since 2011, making it the longest consecutive winner of this prestigious title. Before that, Vancouver held the crown for six consecutive years with the only other city to win, Vienna, which held equal thirds in the title with Vancouver and Melbourne in 2003.

Sadly for Sydney, it fell from tenth position to eleventh place this year behind both Adelaide (equal fifth) and Perth (seventh). Brisbane finished in 16th place. The full top 10 Most Liveable Cities were as follows:

  1. Melbourne (97.5)
  2. Vienna (97.4)
  3. Vancouver (97.3)
  4. Toronto (97.2)
  5. Calgary (96.6); 6) Adelaide (96.6)
  6. Perth (95.9)
  7. Auckland (95.7)
  8. Helsinki (95.6)
  9. Hamburg (95.0)

You can read the full results in The Economist.

Do you live in Melbourne and agree with this title? If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?

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    It’s a pity that the author does not acknowledge the serious limitations of The Economist’s highly subjective Liveability Survey, compiled as it largely is for fixing remuneration of well-paid corporate staff posted around the world. The criteria are skewed towards the interests of well paid, mobile, professionals. There is strong interest in things like private provision of education and health services. There is also particularly keen attention to terrorism and civil unrest – but not in say, domestic violence, public transport, or even pedestrian safety in CBDs.

  2. 0

    Yes Melburnians are good at self promotion.

  3. 0

    I guess it depends on what they are comparing it to.

  4. 0

    What a joke! At least one murder a day, home invasions, driveby shootings cars stolen. a new Community centre completely destroyed by “youths of African appearance” (sick of hearing that) They walk into shops etc & take what they want & no one can or will stop them. I see they want the Government to set up a special force from the AFP to deal with them. They need to be jailed for a year then sent home if they are not Australian citizens. But no one has the guts to do it

    • 0

      Ohhhhh Baza ….. you speak such Truth; yes we “whites” never, EVER, walk into shops and take what we want. No whites ever need to be jailed for a year. Oh me oh my, our beloved Jesus was white but, but, but that horrid Satan was black….and have you noticed that the day is white and the dark, dismal, threatening night is—wait for it—-yes it’s true—-the evil night is BLACK. May God bless the Klan and wonderful folk like you and I Baza.

    • 0

      Yes. Add an important criterium being “quality of government” and that should see it sink a few places. The latest headlines don’t do it any favours, especially seeing that all governments are ignoring the elephant in the room and denying that it was indeed a “terrorist act”.

      Yet another band aid for cancer cure.

    • 0

      Did Bazza 18 say anything that wasnt true?????

    • 0

      Ahhhh, another Klan Brother in Gadsby. The little red haired lady would be so pleased indeed.

  5. 0

    Yes Baza 18 listening to the news, but not living in Melbourne it seems it’s getting a scary place. I hope all the do gooders are well pleased now.

  6. 0

    Love visiting Melbourne, and Sydney, Adelaide is not bad either, I wouldn’t live in any of them, how they rate in the world is very subjective, I note that Vienna is rated No 2 and has in the past rated No 1 having been on holidays there a few times I find that hard to believe, I have found Vienna to be one of the most expensive cities in Europe, not particularly friendly nor unfriendly, transport was OK although taxi’s were a bit expensive, so I am not sure that the criteria used is reflective of liveability.

  7. 0

    The trams are wonderful for getting people around. Melbourne is very diverse with restaurants and shops and entertainment. The premier is very forward thinking and keen to keep Melbourne safe and inclusive. Melbourne has a great vibe. The bay is also a big attraction and nearby places. We do feel safe here in Melbourne and love our city.

  8. 0

    most definitely NOT

  9. 0

    Melbourne very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter. Long traffic jams living in the burbs. No city is liveable as far as I’m concerned. I live in the country surrounded by birds and wildlife not bogans and car thiefs. I visit when it suits me for shows or if something is on but I’m usually glad to leave.

    • 0

      I’m with you Tib – definitely. Trouble is if we keep saying how great it is outside the city our paradise will be lost. LOL

    • 0

      We are safe monette most people in the city think life is about really good shopping. Lol

    • 0

      I too live in the country not far from the 2 of the busiest airports outside the capital cities ones that can take me anywhere in Australia and the world. Within a couple of hours I can be in Melbounrne, Sydney or Brisbane.

      If anything goes missing around here it more likely to be taken by an animal than a human and those magpies are like pets too. We are more likely to get fined for not locking our cars than have them stolen too. That’s highly unlikely too as I can’t remember seeing a policeman around here.

      Easier to shop electronically then bother about going shopping in a big city too.

  10. 0



    Walk up and down Flinders Street and you’ll get ….. NOISE!!!! NOISE!!!! NOISE!!! Car fumes everywhere. People bumping into you on the footpath. Make sure you don’t trip over all the beggars. Ugly, and I mean **UGLY**, skyscrapers everywhere. FREEEEEEEZING cold in winter…. rain everywhere, gloomy grey skies.

    Oh and did I mention …. NOISE!!! NOISE!!! NOISE!!!.

    Melbourne? YUK.

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