The one thing to see in every country

How many of these top tourist attractions have you been to during your travels?

The one thing to see in every country

SJ is a regular travel contributor to YourLifeChoices. Her plane essentials include noise-cancelling headphones, a solid Spotify playlist, sleeping tablets, an eyemask and a large scarf that doubles as a blanket on cold flights – i.e. every night.

It can be hard to know which tourist attractions are worthy of your time and which are not when you visit a new country, which is exactly where this map comes in.

Created by Vouchercloud, the map shows the top rated thing to do in every country in the world, compiled according to TripAdvisor’s extensive database of reviews. Broken down into four sub categories: historic, natural, religious and tourist, the majority of the top attractions are natural, comprising 76 of the total 197 countries. Historic attractions make up 54 of the total countries, followed by tourist (38) and religious (29) attractions.

While some of the top attractions are exactly as you’d expect – Italy’s is the Colosseum – others are slightly questionable, such as Harry Potter World in the UK. Perhaps unsurprising given the data does come from TripAdvisor, the map still makes for interesting reading, not to mention a measure of how many significant world sites you’ve been to in your travels.

As for the million dollar question of what excites people most about our homeland: sadly, it’s not the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru, or any of our stunning beaches, but rather the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I suppose we should just be grateful it isn’t in danger of collapsing from tourists locking padlocks symbolising their love all over it!

How many of these top attractions have you been to? Given that I’ve travelled to a significantly high number of countries, I’m sitting on rather disappointing 11!

Map courtesy of Vouchercloud



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    6th May 2017
    That was a bewildering map. Can't believe what is listed for Great Britain. With all the historic sites and for a studio tour to be the main attraction is just weird. Is it Asian based ? Likewise for Australia and New Zealand. Have been to New Zealand several times and its definitely not a museum which draws me there. I love traveling and i have to say i found that map bollocks.
    6th May 2017
    I've seen 8. However there are a lot of things that are quite bewildering.
    7th May 2017
    22. And was very surprised that the UK attraction is Harry Potter. So I'm giving myself 23 for having visited Stonehenge, Westminster, Big Ben, Tower of London, White Cliffs, etc. Very lucky to have had the opportunity to see Umayyed Mosque in Damascus, Baalbek in Lebanon, Petra in Jordan, Aya Sofia in Turkey, attractions in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia. But the huge continents of South America and Africa remain unexplored. Some day .....
    7th May 2017
    SJ, it says Sydney Harbour, NOT the bridge.
    They are two very different animals, with the bridge being only one very small and fairly insignificant part of the overall beauty of the harbour.

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