These are the most popular domestic destinations for 2020

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With the ‘global crisis that shall not be mentioned’ keeping wary travellers within our borders, and bushfire affected communities needing your tourism dollar more than ever, it’s the perfect time to explore our own – very large – backyard.

If you’re in need of some inspiration, Skyscanner has revealed the most popular tourism destinations in Australia based on the number of hotel bookings through their site so far this year.

As you may have suspected, the big four – Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Perth – remain the most popular destinations. However, there are some exciting and, perhaps, unexpected runners-up.

Leading this ‘dark horse’ race is Wollongong. This beautiful city on the coast of NSW has jumped 13 places on the list, and now sits in 17th place. The next surprise entrant on the up is Townsville, moving up ten spots to sit in 22nd. Bunbury, in Western Australia, has made the top 30 list after leaping six spots and now sitting in 28th. There has also been a significant increase in tourism to Byron Bay, Albany, Noosa Heads and Port Douglas.

Top 30 domestic destinations:

  1. Sydney
  2. Melbourne
  3. Gold Coast
  4. Perth
  5. Brisbane
  6. Cairns
  7. Adelaide
  8. Hobart
  9. Canberra
  10. Surfers Paradise
  11. Darwin
  12. Noosa Heads
  13. Byron Bay
  14. Launceston
  15. Hamilton Island
  16. Airlie Beach
  17. Wollongong
  18. Port Douglas
  19. Coffs Harbour
  20. Port Macquarie
  21. Newcastle
  22. Townsville
  23. The Entrance
  24. Lorne
  25. Geelong
  26. Broome
  27. Albany
  28. Bunbury
  29. Cradle Mountain
  30. Mackay

Have you visited any of these domestic destinations? Where would you recommend our other members travel to?

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Total Comments: 6
  1. 0

    Lived 8 years in No 2, 3 years in 6, 11 years in No 5, 8 years in No 22 and now l live in No 3 Must be doing something right.

  2. 0

    Few of these destinations are well away from the coast (Canberra being the notable exception) so many tourists are going to miss out on seeing inland Australia.

  3. 0

    I’d recommend places a few miles from both Bunbury and Byron bay. Busselton in WA is lovely, between Bunbury and Margaret River, and Lennox Head and Ballina south of Bay both offer beautiful beaches without the impossible Byron Bay traffic jam.

  4. 0

    This list is the most popular by hotel bookings, ie the place most people go to and stay in a hotel. Well that might not be because they like them but for business, or to get somewhere else!
    I have lived in Sydney, Perth, Hobart, Coffs And Albany. The last two are the only ones Id go back to by choice. You can keep the big cities, I prefer the little country towns where no-one goes!

    • 0

      Agree with you, Bundabergian, lived in the bigger places for employment reasons. I do like Bundaberg by the way and I drink that rum as well.

    • 0

      Mariner any time you want to share a glass of the local tipple let me know. by the way we also now have Kalki Moon who have won prizes with their Gin! Anyone might think it is a town on alcoholics!



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