When is the least expensive time to travel to Hawaii?

Jill asks if there’s a cheaper time to go to Hawaii – Andrea shares her tips.

Travelling to Hawaii on the cheap

Hawaii may be high on many travellers’ wish lists, but the high cost can turn people off visiting these islands. Jill has asked if there’s a cheaper time to go. Andrea shares her tips.



Q. Jill
I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii, but it seems so expensive. Is there a good time of year for me to travel there, when it’s a bit cheaper?


A. Hawaii is a dream destination for many but, you’re right, the cost can quickly dissuade travellers to these idyllic islands.

It can help to compare a few spots in similar areas, as prices do not always follow the same patterns. Poipu and Ka’anapali are most affordable in early December. Poipu in peak season will cost around $2600 per week, while in the last week of December the prices drop to $1680. Ka’anapali in the first week of December is $3100 weekly versus $4739 in peak season at the end of December. Visiting Kapolei in May sees the prices drop from $3941 in peak season to $2330.


Other money-saving areas to consider are:

  • Split the cost with friends and family. Choose a large property with shared amenities, such as swimming pools or private chefs and divide the cost per person. You will be pleasantly surprised at how low the rates become.
  • Book a holiday rental with access to a kitchen and do your own cooking. Even preparing just one meal a day can significantly cut your dining costs.
  • Check the amenities. Pick accommodation with airport transfers included, free parking, even welcome meals or drinks may be included at some properties. If your accommodation has a washer and dryer, you will be able to pack lightly and avoid excess baggage fees.


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    21st Jul 2018
    Christmas time is cheaper in Hawai'i as you pointed out, maybe a lot of US citizens spend their festive season at home with family in the States. You will find that Canadian "snowbirds" are providing the tourists cause it's cold in Canada. Lovely time in Christmas week where "Mele Kalikimaka" in in everyone's ear. All that said it is the Hawai'ian tourist taxes and the 25% expected tipping and the added sales taxes that make the holiday look expensive for Aussies.
    21st Jul 2018
    I holiday in Hawaii doesn't need to be that expensive. Maui is more expensive than Oahu (ie Honolulu) although it's a lovely place to visit and is quieter with less hustle and bustle. In terms of airfares, avoid Australian school holidays like the plague which saves you plenty that can be put towards the trip. In our experience (5 trips) you're not going to offend anyone if you give them a 15% tip although waiting staff are probably hoping for a bit more. You can also save money by buying some meals from food courts where you can get decent quality Asian take away where no tip is required and a meal might only cost $US10. And of course the shopping is really good with items cheaper than Australia, especially at outlets. Hawaii is expensive for accommodation but there are decent ways to keep other costs reasonable and the overall trip cost acceptable. And I agree with Cowboy Jim - you'll find a good many retired Canadians on the beach!
    22nd Jul 2018
    And if you like cold meats and prepared salads the ABC Stores everywhere will do you nicely. 2 months ago a salad for 2 people with boiled eggs was $US5 and you can wash that down with a 6-pack of Fosters Lager (brewed in Texas) at a cost of US$7. A bottle of Aussie wine is available for $US 10 as well but you might try to sample one from California. Hawai'ian wines are all fruit wines. To drink one of those wines in the bars of Waikiki you might pay as I did $US45, tip included. We have to remember that the servers are mostly on tipping wages, meaning they really need your gratuity.
    24th Jul 2018
    Way out of my price range LOL. Sounds like you would need $5000 for a week plus airfares or maybe with airfares. A road trip in Australia or rail would suit pensioners better. If you have family around Australia that can be your holiday with a visit to the grandkids.
    I thought I would check it out because Hawaii would be great but most pensioners would not have the money to do this. Good luck to those who can afford it though!

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