Transformative travel: Get back to nature and find yourself in British

British Columbia is unique in the scale and variety of its landscapes, the proximity to raw, untamed wilderness, invigorating cities and the accessibility and variety of wildlife viewing experiences.

From the craggy peaks of BC’s mountain ranges and lush, verdant valleys, to the wild west coast of British Columbia, the nature and culture of BC offers travellers the opportunity to reconnect with themselves and return home invigorated and fulfilled.

So, what is The British Columbia Effect?

‘The British Columbia Effect’ is what happens to you when you experience the transformative power of BC’s nature and immerse yourself in the culture found here.

It’s being inspired to believe you belong in nature and imagine that through experiencing the raw power of BC’s nature and immersing yourself in the culture found here you’ll tap into something bigger, awaken a deeper connection, regain perspective, and ‘find yourself’ in every sense of the word.

Where can you discover ‘The British Columbia Effect’?

It’s unique to British Columbia. Here in BC, nature and culture welcome you in to explore not just new sights, but new sides of yourself. Here’s where and how.


Everything in the rainforest is connected, a cycle of life in perfect balance. From the lush green that carpets the base of towering, centuries-old trees, to the salmon that attract grizzlies, black bears, and birds to feed, it’s an environment that nourishes everything in it.

No wonder so many people, lives entrenched in technology, disconnected from nature, and sometimes each other, are drawn to the tranquillity of the rainforest.

With close to 25 per cent of the world’s temperate rainforests, there are plenty of places to be one with the trees, forest bathe, and experience the healing benefits of ‘The British Columbia Effect’.


Spend a few days or a week or two on the remote shores of BC, tap into the flow of your surroundings, and heal all your senses.

Whether by exploring by boat on a whale and bear watching expedition, taking in views from a a stand-up paddle board or canoe, or waking up with an ocean view, experience the therapeutic quality of the great Pacific Ocean on the rain forested shores of British Columbia.

BC’s mild-weathered coasts are bursting with life and vibrant greens throughout the year. There are endless ways to be enveloped by their beauty and healing effect. The soft coastal light and colours have an especially pacifying effect while the meditative sounds of the coast echo the body’s natural rhythms, which rebalances the nervous system.

Research also shows that the air surrounding moving bodies of water influence your body’s production of serotonin, a hormone that helps boost your mood. Now you know why catching a whiff of the sea breeze feels so therapeutic.


Mountains act as empowering role models for strength and stability and being in their presence seems to transfer a sense of calm and certainty that sometimes dissipates over time.

Whether you’re seeking complete solace in the backcountry or a more leisurely respite with loved ones, time in BC’s mountains puts you in a broader landscape that literally and figuratively lets you see the bigger picture and how you fall into it.

BC’s 10 distinct mountain ranges are evidence of Mother Nature’s sheer power and tenacity in this striking corner of the world.

Year round, British Columbia’s iconic snow-capped mountains serve as the backdrop to an urban panorama. As soon as the winter begins to fade and the more temperate springtime weather approaches, we head towards the outdoors: to the trailheads, and into mountain country, where we can feel humbled by the winds of time and the mountainous landscapes they create.

From the coastal mountains where the Pacific is flanked by towering cliffs, to the eastern alpine playgrounds of the Canadian Rockies and beyond, BC’s towering summits beckon you to reflect on how small you truly are and appreciate the benefits of humility and pause.

Whether you choose to challenge yourself physically by hiking BC’s peaks or more passively take in the view from afar, you will return home reconnected with yourself and the natural world.


Nowhere are you more present than when you sit still in nature, observing, and waiting for the natural world to stir. At any time, a majestic grizzly may appear from the foliage along a rushing river, a bald eagle could swoop in to cut the surface of the water with its talons, or, as you scan the horizon for the tell-tale jet of water from an orca’s blowhole, sublime calm washes over you as you become aware of the blue space around you.

All these experiences bring a sense of tranquillity and soothe your nervous system. Feel the two-fold experience that comes from the excitement of seeing your first bear, bald eagle, or orca whale in BC – all in an environment that creates lasting health benefits and lifelong memories.

Indigenous experiences

BC’s Indigenous peoples maintain deep connections to the land, water, animals, and supernatural realms of their unique Territories.

These connections are more important now than ever before, as we all realise what Indigenous BC has long known – our health and wholeness are written upon the land.

With 203 Indigenous communities and more than 30 Indigenous languages, British Columbia’s six diverse and beautiful regions offer extensive authentic Indigenous experiences. Connect with the people who have lived on the land, collected the knowledge, and passed on the stories of Indigenous BC for thousands upon thousands of years.

Sustainability/conscious travel

Many travellers are increasingly concerned about their impact on the planet and are looking to find more meaning and purpose in their travels.

BC offers many opportunities for the conscious traveller. Environmental sustainability and land stewardship are central to the Indigenous philosophy and way of life and supporting Indigenous-owned businesses and experiences is a way to help sustain cultural legacies and support reconciliation.

BC is Canada’s most culturally diverse province, and one of the most biologically diverse areas in the world which supports wildlife including bears, moose, caribou, whales and eagles.

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