YLC members tell us where they plan on holidaying this year

YourLifeChoices survey reveals the most popular international travel destination.

Where YLC members holiday

Holidays are a vital component of retirement, with over 80 per cent of YourLifeChoices members taking at least one holiday a year.

In the recent Insights Survey, just 19 per cent of respondents said that they would not be taking a holiday this year, while 40 per cent planned on taking one holiday, 27 per cent planned on taking two, 8.5 per cent planned on three holidays, while five per cent planned on taking four or more.

According to the Insights Survey, 71 per cent of members were planning on travelling within Australia in the next 12 months, while 48 per cent were planning on travelling internationally in the same time frame.

Of those who were planning to travel overseas in the next 12 months, there was a clear winner in terms of the number one destination, and that was New Zealand.

Around 10 per cent of those going overseas planned to head across the ditch to visit our neighbours in the Shaky Isles.

While New Zealand was No.1 on the list for both males and females, there was a genuine gender difference in the rest of the top five.

Canada came in as the second most popular destination for women (4.5 per cent), while Thailand (four per cent) was second most popular for men, yet did not feature in the top five destinations for women.

Canada was only marginally behind Thailand in third place for men, while England was the third most popular destination for women. Japan was the fourth most popular destination for women, yet didn’t feature in the top five most popular destinations for men.

Top five destinations for women
1. New Zealand (10 per cent)
2. Canada (4.5 per cent)
3. England (3.5 per cent)
4. Japan (3 per cent)
5. Singapore (3 per cent)

Top five destinations for men
1. New Zealand (10 per cent)
2. Thailand (4 per cent)
3. Canada (4 per cent)
4. Singapore (3.5 per cent)
5. England (3.5 per cent)

Why do you think New Zealand is so popular? Have you visited New Zealand? Would you recommend it?



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    9th Apr 2018
    New Zealand is close. They speak the same language - well sort of. Money is easy to manage and convert. It is very easy to get around. The scenery is magnificent. The people are very friendly and the food and wine is outstanding.
    10th Apr 2018
    Ditto. As obvious as the nose on your face although I'd be saying Tassie might be more popular. Chuckle....
    Perhaps a look at those of us who travel to Europe might be worthwhile and examining the COSTS in some of the (above) favoured locations. I'd pick Europe any day over a hot and humid Asia. Horses for courses though.
    10th Apr 2018
    I travel to NZ annually, but go to Europe about every 18 months to 2 years. Love it there. You can manage quite cheaply (not nastily either) over there, particularly in Spain which we have found to be very fairly priced, especially the food which is wonderful.
    9th Apr 2018
    I have travelled to NZ and loved it. Arisaid is correct about the advantages of going to NZ. I prefer the less well-travelled roads, especially where there aren’t thousands of tourists jostling to glimpse the various attractions. If I have to queue I don’t want to go! I spent a month in Finland and Norway it was bloody freezing (-32 on one day) and the wine expensive! Everything else was breathtaking and I’d do it all again although these countries are now attracting the selfie-stick hordes. I admit to liking the challenges of converting money, language, it’s fun. This article has shown me where not to go!
    9th Apr 2018
    I spent a day (actually about 8 hours) in Auckland about 45 years ago.
    It was the last stop on a cruise on the old Fairstar (anyone remember that?)

    As soon as we got off the ship we found that New Zealand was closed because we got there on a Sunday.

    Anyway, as we wandered down the main street a bit, wondering why all the shiny new HQ Holdens were wearing "Chevrolet" badges, we noticed clouds of smoke rising from one of the closed shops.
    So a whole shipload (that's a "p" not a "t") of bored Aussies, with nothing to do or drink, sat on the opposite footpath watching the shop burn down (and booing and jeering the fire-fighters when they arrived).

    Such are my memories of New Zealand.
    I'm not really itching to go back.
    9th Apr 2018
    Well that was a long time ago and I can assure you from my annual trips over there it certainly isn't like that now! Café culture is huge, and they make a mean flat white. There is so much to see and do and not have to travel long distances like in Aus. I'm always discovering new things each trip.
    9th Apr 2018
    I don't know if the same still applies but it used to be cheaper to fly to NZ and do a 14 day coach tour (air fares, all meals and sightseeing entry fees included) than it was to do the same in Qld for 11 days. Better food too.
    Old Geezer
    10th Apr 2018
    If you are flying to NZ don't just buy a return flight as it usually works out cheaper to just buy 2 flights. You may have to pay for flight back in NZD depending on the airline but it can be so much cheaper than buying a return flight.

    Same applies for multiple flight legs in Australia as well. Went to Tassie and it was twice the price if we just bought one return flight than buying 4 flights as individual flights. Funny thing was they added them all together and I just paid one amount for the lot.
    Old Geezer
    10th Apr 2018
    I love to spend some time in NZ or Tassie every summer as it is too hot and humid here. I have done all the main tourist things so now go to the places tourists miss. There are some awesome places in NZ that are not on the main tourist route. Last trip I spent a week in the Coromandels and it was just beautiful. Karangahake Gorge is another great place to visit.

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