Don’t be a pain in the air(se)


We’ve all come across one of those painful passengers. You know the ones. They tap their foot on the back of your chair to headphone music turned up so loud they may as well not be wearing headphones. They talk to the cabin crew as if they own the plane and take up all the room in the overhead baggage compartment.


I recently read an article called The 21 Unwritten Rules of Flying You’re Probably Breaking. It is a hilarious exposé on the ‘unspoken social code nearly everyone observes’ when flying. – a really good read if you have a few minutes.


Now, I agree with quite a few of the author’s suggestions, namely:

1. never ask if you can skip someone in the security line

2. no hot food of any kind on a plane, especially stinky fast food

3. don’t recline in economy – ever

4. middle seat gets the arm rests

and my personal favourite by far is:

5. the only acceptable place to fart on a plane is when you are walking through first class on the way to economy.


reclining seat in economy class


I have a few more to add. Some of which have been told to me by cabin crew and others that are based on personal grievances. Here goes:


6. If there are spare seats on the plane, don’t just up and move. Ask the cabin crew if it’s okay. Passengers are seated in such a way to ensure smooth operation and balanced weight for take-off and landing. Your comfort is not more important than the rest of us landing safely.

7. Don’t use my seat as a stretching post or leaning pole while you wait to use the toilet.

8. The plane is not a playground. Keep your kids in check. It’s not only annoying, but also dangerous for cabin crew, passengers and, well, your child if they push someone too far.

9. Don’t ‘manspread’ on the plane. I paid as much for my seat as you did for yours, so unless you wish to subsidise my airfare, keep your legs over there.

10. My shoulder is not your travel pillow. Enough said.

11. If you have an aisle seat, please don’t fall asleep on your fold-down table!


Do you have any unwritten rules of flying that you often see broken? Why not share them with our members?


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