Don’t trust TripAdvisor?

To me, TripAdvisor is synonymous with the stereotypical ‘traveller’ who mainly takes group or coach tours, goes to all the tourist sites and stays in large hotel chains. Should they find their way to a local haunt for a meal, their review is probably scathing as it doesn’t match what they would expect from their local restaurant.

While this is clearly a huge generalisation, it can be hard to trust TripAdvisor’s reviews as the demographic isn’t always target rich in terms of those whose opinions you would want to listen to.

Foursquare’s City Guide App takes the concept of TripAdvisor to a whole, new trustworthy level. With the ability to search for breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, nightlife or things to do, unlike TripAdvisor you can rest assured you’re joining a community of people who love to explore and hunt down hidden gems. Promising no negative rants or businesses paying for positive reviews, you can even follow friends, brands or experts to help ensure you get the tips and suggestions you trust that are best suited to you.

tourist using foursquare on their smartphone

Foursquare City Guide also allows you to make lists of places you want to go and keep a history of places to which you’ve been. You can add tastes and rate places, which all helps the lifelog feature to offer you personalised recommendations.

The perfect solution to the concept of TripAdvisor without all the drawbacks, why not give Foursquare City Guide a go on your next trip.

RRP: Free from the Apple Store and Google Play

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