Dress up your luggage

Whether travelling on a long or short flight, the last thing any of us want to do is to spend longer than needed waiting at the baggage carousel for luggage. By making your luggage easy to spot you will ensure that you are out of the airport with a minimum of fuss. Andrea shares some tips for making your luggage stand out.

If you are purchasing or upgrading luggage – do not pick black, navy or dark green (as the overwhelming majority of people do). Choose instead brightly coloured or striking, patterned luggage that will be easy to spot. Alternatively, bags that are of a unique or even ugly design will make them more noticeable.

If you already own dark luggage, there are a number of ways to embellish your bags to make them stand out from the crowd.

  • Dress up the handle of your bag by adding stripes of bright duct tape.

  • Tie a ribbon or strip of fabric to the handle and zips of your suitcase. Make sure it is tied securely so it does not come off easily, but don’t make it too long as it could get snagged on the conveyor belt. Even better, use multiple ribbons and braid them together for an even brighter addition to your luggage.


Look in the discount bins at the fabric stores or op shops for material, ribbons or scarves in bright colours. Even a gaudy old shirt you are throwing out can be cut up and tied to your luggage.

  • Add stickers or transfers to the tops and sides of your luggage so you can recognise it from any angle.  You can purchase sheets of stickers from craft shops quite cheaply, so even if the stickers get banged and scratched in transit they are easily replaced for your next trip.

  • Release your inner graffiti artist and spray paint your luggage. You can choose to paint your bag one easily identifiable colour, or get really adventurous and use a number of colours. You will definitely find it easy to spot your luggage coming down the carousel.

  • Print and laminate your own custom luggage tags. You can have an A4 sheet laminated at Officeworks for under two dollars. Create luggage tags that are larger and brighter than normal – on the computer or using coloured textas and paper. Once laminated, cut them apart leaving enough room to punch a hole through the tag. Thread some coloured ribbon through the tag and secure to the handle of your luggage.

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