Drink your own alcohol on the plane

Unless you’re on an international flight, having the odd alcoholic beverage can be quite pricey. But there is a way to legally ‘smuggle’ alcohol on board a plane, so you can ‘sip your own’.


Okay, so smuggle isn’t the right word. But you get the gist … Here’s how to do it.


You know those rules about not having liquids over 100ml? Well, that can apply to all liquids. So, if you bring a stash of those small mini-fridge sized bottles in a clear ziplock bag, then you should get them through Customs with no hassle – at least according to www.godsavethepoints.com.


You can also head to duty free at some airports once you’ve gone through the security line and buy yourself a nice bottle of bubbles or anything you can open and finish on one flight. It’s important to remember that last point – you won’t get to take any unfinished alcohol when you land – it will be thrown out at the end of your flight.


You should also ask your flight attendant to serve you, because, under no circumstances, are you allowed to serve yourself. Most of the time they will happily oblige, but don’t make a scene.


Finally, don’t drink too much. Messy passengers are a flighty’s worst nightmare, so keep yourself in good order and keep your cabin crew happy.


Have you ever brought your own alcohol aboard? Did you know you could do it?


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