Eurail’s free first-class upgrades

Eurail has announced free first-class upgrades for all passengers travelling in the European spring who purchase second-class Global Passes before 28 February.

Travellers planning to visit Europe between now and 15 May 2019 will enjoy all the luxuries of first-class rail travel for the price of a second-class fare.

However, to get the free upgrade offer, you must book your Global Pass before 28 February 2019 and travel before 15 May 2019.

Rail pass travellers can travel throughout 31 different European countries, and access extra benefits and discounts along the way.

But even those who can’t get to Europe by 15 May can enjoy big savings on European rail travel because as of last month, the price of Eurail Global Passes has been permanently reduced by 37 per cent.

Book your Global Pass at

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