Europe’s best value summer holiday destinations  

Discovering Europe’s most breathtaking destinations does not have to put a strain on your finances. 

From rich history to diverse cuisine, the continent offers affordable destinations full of culture and adventure. 

New research by frequent flyer experts Flight Hacks examined the average daily prices for a range of factors in Europe’s most popular destinations. 

Factors such as food costs, domestic travel expenses, and hotel costs per night, were measured to determine Europe’s best value holiday hotspots for the northern warmer months.  

“Going on holiday in Europe doesn’t need to cost an eye-watering amount of money,” says Flight Hacks chief executive officer Immanuel Debeer.

“This study demonstrates that by exploring various travel sites and researching the cost of living in certain cities, you can visit some of the most beautiful and culturally rich areas Europe has to offer without breaking the bank.” 

Going on a Romanian holiday

Bucharest, Romania, ranks as Europe’s best value holiday destination, with an average cost per day of $331.03. Bucharest has the cheapest average hotel prices of all European destinations at only $164.86, ensuring you won’t be breaking the bank paying for accommodation. 

Warsaw, Poland, ranks as the second best value European summer holiday destination, with an average daily cost of $339.34. Interestingly, hotel prices were $22.15 cheaper on average in Warsaw than in Krakow, costing only $171.78. 

Placing third on the list is Seville, Spain, with an average daily cost of $347.66. Seville is one of the best value places in Europe to dine out, costing only $71.63. for a three-course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant, making it an ideal location for foodie couples looking for a romantic getaway. 

Krakow, Poland ranks fourth on the list, with an average cost per day of $354.66. Krakow is one of the cheapest places in Europe to eat, costing $15.02 on average for a meal for one at an inexpensive restaurant, which is perfect for those travelling solo. 

Domestic savings

Placing fifth in the ranking is Istanbul, Türkiye, with an average cost per day of $371.74. Istanbul ranks first out of all European destinations for domestic travel costs, with the average taxi journey (per 1km travelled) and average price of public transport (one-way) both costing only $0.84. 

Ranking sixth is Prague, Czech Republic, with an average daily cost of $376.25. Prague has the lowest average domestic beer price of all destinations in the top 10, at $3.56.  

Riga, Latvia, ranks seventh, with an average daily cost of $385.82. Riga is one of the cheapest destinations in the top 10 to buy a bottle of water, at an average price of $1.79, and one of the cheapest places to grab a McDonalds meal at only $11.81, ensuring that you can stay fed and hydrated for less than $15 in the scorching summer sun. 

Ranking eighth is Palermo, Italy, with an average daily cost of $413.46. Palermo is another fantastic place for couples who are looking to dine out for less, with the average three-course meal for two at a restaurant costing only $81.36. 

Ninth on the list is Porto, Portugal, with an average daily cost of $421.80. Porto is the cheapest place in the top 10 to purchase a cappuccino at only $2.57. 

Rounding off the top 10 is Frankfurt, Germany, with an average daily cost of $432.56. Frankfurt has the second lowest average price for hotels at only $170.95.   

Where’s your favourite spot to visit in Europe? Why not share your experience in the comments section below?

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