Finally, a supportive travel companion

Despite all the technical advances when it comes to travel, some solutions still seem to allude mankind. Such as sleeping on a plane.

You might use a neck pillow, an eye mask and even take some sleeping pills, but if you’re over four feet tall and not in a flat bed you’re still likely to find yourself tossing and turning desperately to try and get some shut-eye.

Thankfully, sleepless journeys could be a nightmare of the past thanks to the geniuses behind Comfy Hanger.

So simple it makes you wonder why no one thought of this sooner, the Comfy Hanger is essentially a hammock for your feet. Set-up is easy, just hang it on the food-tray before closing and place your feet on the fabric ‘shelf’. The straps are also fully adjustable, so you can find the perfect height to alleviate all the pressure from your lower back.

No more numb legs or unfortunate cramps, because with the support it provides for the back of the calves or the soles of the feet, the Comfy Hanger effectively reduces the burden on your body.

Worried about the passenger in front? Don’t be … the Comfy Hanger is tried and tested with minimal disturbance for the person in the seat in front of you. Furthermore, with the extra legroom created you no longer need to fully recline your seat – a big win for the passenger behind you.

Made from soft memory foam for added comfort, the foot hanger comes with its own convenient carrycase, and the whole product only weighs 60 grams.

With rave reviews, including claims of being the ‘most useful travel item … ever bought’ the Comfy Hanger seemingly lives up to its comfortable name.

Sounds like the ideal travel partner to kick back and relax with on your next long-haul flight.

RRP: from $26.00 at Urban and Hawk.

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