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I like to think I’m quite a good packer, especially when it comes to cramming as much as humanly possible into a carry on suitcase. However, credit where credit is due; after watching this video, I can see Rachel Grant takes the carry-on crown.

The former Bond actress recently posted a video to Facebook showing her fitting 130 items into her hand luggage with an annoying amount of ease. The items included 13 dresses, 16 tops, 12 bottoms, a cardigan, jacket, two bikinis, a sarong, hat, scarf, three belts, two nighties, socks and underwear. She even managed to pack five pairs of shoes and two handbags as well as all her toiletries.



Revealing a number of packing tips and tricks, Rachel wanted to demonstrate how much you can really fit into your hand luggage if you know how. She is a roller, not a folder, and uses ziplock bags to save space. Stuffing shoes with balled socks is another trick that ensures shoes maintain their shape.

Posted by luggage brand Biaggi, the video has already been viewed more than one million times. You’d think that after putting 130 items in a carry on bag it would be bursting at the seams but there was still space left with the bag only weighing eight kilograms.

Watch the video below and see the list of what this real-life Mary Poppins managed to pack into her hand luggage. I guess that answers the age-old debate of rolling versus folding once and for all …



Read more at Blaggi.

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