Five epic Aussie adventures

With international travel on pause, there is no shortage of epic adventures for those lucky enough to be stuck Down Under. Known for some of the world’s most diverse and extreme landscapes, Australia also offers some of the most magnificent animal encounters on the planet.

Skyscanner ranked and revealed the top five Aussie adventures of your dreams. It’s time to pencil these trips into your 2021 diary.

Turtle Swimming with a Snorkeler at Ningaloo Reef

Swim with giants at Ningaloo Reef
Ningaloo Reef, which sits on the Western Australian coastline, is often overshadowed by the world-famous Great Barrier Reef, yet is no less beautiful. It also offers a range of unique experiences you can’t find on the eastern coast.

During January and February, baby turtles hatch on the shoreline and make the treacherous journey to the ocean. You may even be lucky enough to encounter them out on the reef while snorkelling.  

From March to October, whale sharks and humpback whales venture to the reef. You may also be lucky enough to spot slow and dreamy manta rays as they swim through the region.

Year-round you’ll likely spot dugongs, sea turtles and dolphins.

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Sipping a warm drink on a cold morning in the mountains. Tasmania’s Overland Track

Tent your way around Tasmania
If you enjoy sleeping under the stars, then Tassie should be your next big adventure. It’s home to 19 national parks, which protect some of the most pristine wilderness in the country.

Skyscanner recommends checking out the Southwest National Park, the Tasman Peninsula on Cape Raoul walk and the Bay of Fires at Mount William National Park.

Return from the wild to enjoy award-winning wines and top galleries for a different type of adventure.

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Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsundays Australia

Sail the Whitsundays
With sweeping stretches of white sand beaches and a balmy average temperature of 27 degrees, the coastline of the Whitsundays is what many people picture when they dream of Australia.

What could possibly make this part of the world any more striking? How about seeing it from the deck of a yacht?

Fortunately, this isn’t a BOY boat situation. There are a number of sailing schools that will teach you how to charter your own yacht, turning you and your companions into a crew set for the high seas.

Driving through the Nullarbor Plains WA

Drive the Nullarbor
The Eyre Highway stretches for 1256km and is the longest, straightest road in the country. Edging the South Australian Eyre Peninsula and the Great Australian Bight – the longest coastline of unbroken cliffs in the world – you’ll find countless intriguing pitstops and secluded bays. The local critters include kangaroos, koalas, dingoes, emus, unique bird life, sea lions and dolphins offshore. Just be sure you’ve taken all the necessary precautions before hitting the road.

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Canoes on beach in Katherine Gorge, Northern Territory, Australia

Canoe Nitmiluk Gorge
The Katherine River winds its way through the Nitmiluk National Park, creating the striking red rock Nitmiluk Gorge, also known as Katherine Gorge.

Exploring the landscape from the water allows you to get up close and personal with otherwise inaccessible rock formations, cliffs and waterfalls. There are 13 gorges in total and, if you bring your gear with you, you can camp along the shore and take your time paddling through them. 

Have you been on any of these Aussie adventures? Which adventures would you recommend to other local travellers? Share your favourite moments in the comment section below.

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Written by Liv Gardiner