Five things ‘flighties’ never forget

Flight attendants, along with being graceful, patient and hardworking are also enticingly mysterious. Just what are they carrying in those tiny little bags of theirs? When you travel the world for a living, you work out pretty quickly which carry-on items are a must. Here are the five essential travel items airhostesses never forget.

It sounds obvious doesn’t it? Of course, you pack pyjamas on any overnight – let alone overseas – trip. But you’d be surprised just how many people pack them in their check-in luggage, meaning once the flight takes off, they’re stranded in their day clothes, or can’t get cosy when waiting for a connecting flight. Flight attendants are required to carry their uniform pyjamas whenever travelling for more than seven hours, so they can get comfy – yet remain identifiable – on their rest breaks.

Flat shoes
We’ve all got the image of a row of elegant airhostesses, hair swept back, dressed immaculately, wheeling mini suitcases as they strut through the airport in heels. But think about it. How many times have you seen them actually serving in those shoes during the flight? The answer is not much, as they all carry a pair of flats, so that once the cabin door is closed, they can slip into something more practical. While arriving in a new city in slippers might not be ideal, learning from the experts and keeping a pair handy on the journey over might make a world of difference.

Portable pharmacy
Am I the only one who always seems to get sick on a flight? I swear I walk on at peak health and stagger off with red eyes and a cough to wake the dead. Why not take it into your own hands? The experts do. Along with never forgetting to pack prescription medication and accompanying medical documentation – some countries have strict security around them – here are a few medical essentials:

  • hand sanitiser – to minimise your chance of picking up whatever is making that bloke a few seats over sound like that
  • painkillers – so you won’t have to stress about any random headaches
  • cold and flu tablets – because let’s be honest, that snuffling guy is really, really bad at covering his mouth when he sneezes
  • something to help you sleep – in case you’re a nervous flyer or simply can’t get a wink in with the engines whirring – it’s always important to have the option of snoozing through it all.


Universal power adapter
Regardless of where you land, you know you’ll need food, a place to sleep and somewhere to charge your devices. Knowing you have a universal adapter in your carry-on means you won’t have to worry about losing the use of your phone or camera, even when you’re on a stopover.

Please, for the sake of all those around you, don’t make the mistake of stowing your toothbrush in your check-in luggage before you jump on a plane. Airhostesses, to maintain their professional finish, never travel anywhere without one on hand. They learn quite quickly, after serving people who may not feel the same passion for personal hygiene, just how unpleasant the alternative can be on those around them.

Will you be taking these tips from the travel experts themselves? What other essential items do you recommend taking in your carry-on?

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Written by Liv Gardiner


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