Flatulent odour empties out plane


Earlier this week an overwhelmingly foul odour led to the evacuation of an American Airlines plane, after passengers became sick from a pungent stench.


What was first thought to be a suspicious scent ended up being a little less sinister. Cabin crew believed that the smell was caused by a passenger ‘passing gas’, however, American Airlines won’t confirm this claim.


According to CBS North Carolina, the smell was so foul that cabin crew complained of eye irritation, while passengers had headaches and were so nauseated that they couldn’t wait to get off the plane.


The plane was on its way from Charlotte to Raleigh-Durham International Airport and, apart from the ‘farty’ smell, landed without incident.


Spokesman for American Airlines, Ross Feinstein, had this to say about the affair:


“We did have an aircraft from Charlotte to RDU this afternoon, that landed at 2:19 p.m. ET, and arrived the gate at 2:21 p.m. ET, that is currently out of service for an actual mechanical issue – and odour in the cabin. But it is not due to “passed gas” as mentioned.”


Unsurprisingly, the whomever or whatever was responsible for this malodorous act has not been revealed, so the case of the mysterious miasma remains unsolved.


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