Five of the world's most sustainable travel companies

Book your next escape with a clear conscience.

Qantas giving away free flights for a year - but there's a catch

Qantas taking matters into its own hands.

Will this concept solve the problem of sleepless economy flights?

Here's hoping other airlines will take notice.

Qantas launches supermoon scenic flight

Qantas gets inventive with new flights and experiences for flyers.

Air safety features include RATS, secret bedroom, bleed hole

Your aircraft is full of safety features hidden in plain sight.

How we can make better use of Australian airports

Airports haven't seen much action in the past year, but they could still be working for us.

The nine Australian airports with a growing crime threat

AFP reboots Airport Watch program across nine major Australian airports.

Qantas trials digital health pass to support international travel

Qantas has run its first customer trial of the CommonPass digital health app.

Australian cheap flights deal leaves WA out in the cold

Was WA punished for not using border closures as a last resort?

Queenslanders miss out on discounted flights to local tourist towns

Queensland Treasurer Cameron Dick has criticised the Commonwealth stimulus package to halve the

Australian border closure extended until June

The yearlong border restrictions have been extended, stranding Aussies.

International borders could reopen in June 2021

Vaccine the key to international entries and exits, says BCA.

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