Qantas turns 100

A monumental birthday for the world's safest airline.

Qantas passengers will need COVID-19 vaccine for international travel

Passengers will have to vaccinated before boarding a Qantas international flight, says CEO.

Emirates ranked world’s most COVID-safe airline

UAE airline rated the safest airline in the world in its response to the pandemic.

Are these ‘double-decker’ plane seats the future of flying?

This could be a game-changer.

Emirates takes full service to dizzying heights

One of the world's poshest flights is back in the sky.

Getting ready to travel post-COVID

The five things you need to know about flying after COVID-19.

Qantas tells where Aussies can expect to travel in early 2021

Aussie airline reveals that New Zealand and parts of Asia could be on the table.

Airline update: How safe is the air in aeroplanes?

The US Department of Defense suggests that people don't need to worry about circulating air

Flight Centre CEO talks all things travel with YourLifeChoices

Travel expert James Kavanagh tells us what's next for domestic travel.

Airlines planning to ditch ‘ladies and gentleman’ greetings’

Japan Airlines, EasyJet and Air Canada to use gender-neutral announcements.

AirAsia takes a surprising new direction

When you can't fly, sing?

Why is your passport that colour?

Why do passports only come in one of four colours?

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