Reimagining international airports in COVID-19

The way we design airports will be critical when responding to a pandemic.

How Tony Abbott’s passport was hacked and how you can avoid it

Have you ever pasted pics of your boarding pass online? Here's why you shouldn't.

Ways to make late-night flights more bearable

Bag a bargain and beat the stress of flying at night with these top tips.

Qantas boss hints at flights on the flying kangaroo for as little as $19

Are $19 Qantas flights too good to be true?

Revealed: Airlines with the best inflight entertainment

UK travel site Globehunters has analysed 20 of the world's biggest long-haul carriers to find

Airline food facts you probably didn’t (want to) know

Flight attendants spill the beans on airline food.

Virgin Australia launching fly now, pay later airfares

Pass a credit and ID check and you could be checking into a flight with just a deposit down.

New data finds the reason that airfares are soaring

Airfares have increased by almost 19 per cent over the past three years.

Apple MacBooks banned on flights

How do you know if your MacBook Pro is the exploding kind?

Expect airfares to increase soon, say experts and airline bosses

Major airlines are reducing services and increased airfares are next, says one expert.

Chubb launches flight delay insurance in Australia

Travellers can now be covered for the cost of a delayed flight.

How my flight descended into chaos mid-air

It wasn't until we were in the air that I realised part of our plane was missing.

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