Flash sale: Save hundreds on airfares to the UK and beyond

British Airways announces early-bird fares to the UK, Europe, Asia and beyond.

Google Flights can save you hundreds

Want to know how Google Flights can find you the best and cheapest flights possible?

Aussie budget carriers providing record low airfares

A combination of low fuel prices and increased competition leads to record-low airfares.

DIY inflight entertainment

Here's how to create your own inflight entertainment for your next trip.

The hidden cost of budget airfares

The hidden costs of budget airfares can add up to make a cheap flight ultimately costly.

Do cookies affect airfares?

Trudy thinks that tracking cookies may be upping the fares which she's being served online.

Booking airfares

Airfares are on the radar for this week's Travel SOS with Kay O'Sullivan.

Flight booking mistakes

Seven mistakes you should avoid when booking your flights.

Five flight survival tips

Five tips to make the most of long haul flights and arrive feeling rejuvenated and ready to

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