Qantas giving away free flights for a year - but there's a catch

Qantas is offering free flights for a year for 10 families of four.

But there’s a catch.

The competition is only open to those who get the COVID-19 jab.

Which is great news for the roughly 2 per cent of Aussies who have received both doses of the vaccination.

Pressure is mounting on state and federal governments to keep borders open and to reopen international borders.

The federal government’s management of the vaccine rollout may not helping matters, nor its failed quarantine facilities.

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“The truth is that every failure of hotel quarantine has significant consequences for our community, for people’s health and for our national economy. And that’s why we need to get this right,” said opposition leader Anthony Albanese.

Hotel quarantine responsible for the recent lockdown of Melbourne will cost the city over $1 billion, according to

The government says the vaccine rollout is “not a race”. Qantas is now making it a competition.

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Only 2 per cent of the population has received both jabs and 20 per cent have had one dose, so the national carrier is looking to do the hard lifting itself.

As incentive to assuage vaccine hesitancy, Qantas chief Alan Joyce has announced various prizes for those who get a vaccination.

The prizes include frequent flyer points, flight vouchers and free flights for a year for 10 eligible families.

“We are very keen to do our bit to help with the rollout for the COVID-19 vaccine. We would be rolling it out in July,” Mr Joyce told Sunrise earlier this week.

“We have 6000 of our people stood down that are working on international flights, and they will be stood down until we have the international borders reopened.”

Qantas’ incentives for vaccination would be rolled out from July, with participants required to upload the airline’s app to take part.

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At least one of the 10 families will be from each state and territory and they’ll be eligible for free flights throughout 2022 – COVID pending.

Other incentives include frequent flyer points, a travel credit and a partnership with Accor Hotels for up to one million Accor points.

How entrants prove they are vaccinated has not yet been made clear, but Mr Joyce said any one of the 2.5 per cent of the population who have already been vaccinated would be eligible.

Would a competition such as this convince you to be vaccinated? Why not share your thoughts of this competition in the comments section below?

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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