Tricks that could help you earn more frequent flyer points

It has probably been a little while since you started to think about your frequent flyer points, and the travel restrictions have also meant that your points tally is now looking a little thin (although airlines have made efforts to ensure your status is protected).

If travel is now back on your agenda this year, here are our best tips and tricks to boost your frequent flyer points.

Get a rewards card
Pairing a rewards card with your frequent flyer card, is essential to a healthy frequent flyer balance. If you don’t already do this, this is the first step to multiplying your frequent flyer balance.

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A rewards card earns points for the spending you would be doing anyway. Depending on the card, you will earn frequent flyer points directly or earn the card provider’s own type of rewards points, which can later be transferred to various frequent flyer programs.

The icing on the cake is in the fact that many card providers will offer bonus points just for signing up to a new card.

Examples include the American Express Velocity Escape, which offers 10,000 bonus Velocity Points to new cardholders and has no annual fee , or if you’re a Qantas Frequent Flyer member, the American Express Qantas Discovery offers 55,000 bonus points if you spend $3000 or more on your card in the first three months and has no annual fee either.

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Some cards, such as the American Express Platinum, offer up to as many as 150,000 bonus points for signing up. This particular card also comes with a $1450 annual fee, so be sure to compare the different cards out there and ensure your spending and point gathering will outweigh the annual fee.

Finally, some cards will restrict the number of points you can earn each month or year, so work out how much you plan to spend on your card, otherwise your points earning potential could be reduced.

Be sure to use your rewards card
Once you have a rewards card, or if you already have a rewards card, make sure you use it as often as possible, especially for large purchases.

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Forget about the idea of paying with cash now, or directly from your transaction account, use your rewards card at all times.

Providing your credit limit can handle it, making a big purchase on your credit card and then paying it off immediately with your own funds, means you can earn plenty of points and not pay interest.

Add a cardholder to your account
Any spending which an additional cardholder makes on your account will earn you points. You are still responsible for all the spending they make, so ensure it is someone you trust.

Spend with frequent flyer partners
Frequent flyer programs have a number of retail partners that give bonus points for spending with them.

It’s important that you’re not paying a premium for these items, otherwise these bonus points will be worthless.

Jump to a higher status level
Each frequent flyer program has different tiers of membership within. As you jump up to higher status levels you will be rewarded with many benefits, one of which is an increased points earning rate for flights.

What tricks do you have for boosting your frequent flyer points? Why not share your thoughts in the comments section below?

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Written by Ben