Foods to avoid at airports

There is no shortage of food options available at most airports, but you may be surprised at what the foods experts say you should avoid.

According to Time’s Money website, you should steer clear of fresh foods and instead, choose fast foods. Airports are renowned for being hotspots for new strains of lurgies, thanks to their exposure to human and baggage traffic from all over the world.

“Your best bet for finding bacteria-free, healthy-to-eat airport food is fast-food chains. Because fast-casual restaurants have a reputation and standards to uphold, they want to keep customers happy and do so by making sure their airport food tastes just as good as and is prepared as it would be in its normal restaurants,” writes Tehrene Firman for Well + Good.

You should also steer clear of any foods that have been sitting out, such as those found at Starbucks and other coffee kiosks, as well as any ‘fresh’ salads that were most likely frozen at some point and have been defrosting prior to purchase.

Rare meats and sandwiches (or the combination) should also be avoided in favour of comfort foods, such as fries and burgers.

Although this may seem like contradictory advice to all the other healthy eating tips you hear,  large food chains are least likely to compromise on cleanliness. They have the same strict sanitary and hygiene conditions in airports as they do in the street or in shopping centres.

And, hey, it’s not like you’re always eating at airports, so adding a few calories to your daily intake is way more favourable than unwanted bacteria that will almost certainly ruin our holiday.

Do you have a favourite airport food?

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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