Four ways to save on holiday


Finding money for a holiday is a challenge for many. And seeing as the number one priority for most retirees is to have the opportunity to travel in retirement, this is a particularly vexing problem.


Just because you don’t have a lot of money, it doesn’t mean you can’t travel. These tips will help you save for your next holiday, find better deals on airfares and accommodation and lower the cost of your holiday while you’re away.


1. Pile on the points
Transport and accommodation will most likely be your biggest travel costs, so start collecting frequent flyer points. Research to find the cards, institutions, supermarkets, petrol stations and purchases that will reward you with the most points. Sign up for bonuses, shop online, look for special offers, transfer your points, book on the right days and you’ll be able to lower your flight and accommodation costs) and also gather more points when you finally do purchase your tickets and book your hotels).


2. Choose low-cost destinations
Many Asian countries offer super cheap holidays, such as Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia, as do many European countries such as Hungary, Bulgaria and the south of Spain. If you can get there for a low price, then once you land, you could spend very little. Again, do your research – sometimes it may cost a little more to fly there but will be super cheap once you’re on the ground.


3. Take advantage of the locals
Use the internet to find out where the best-priced food, accommodation, supermarkets, bars and tourist attractions are located. Discover low-cost transport options and free activities. You know where to find all this in your hometown, so apply the same logic to your destination. Also, talk to the locals when you arrive – they’ll know where to go for cheap steak nights, good street food vendors or happy hours.


4. Use public transport
Instead of flying across Europe or Japan, book a rail pass and take the train. Or find out which bus lines travel interstate and across international borders. Research budget airlines and book tickets at “red-eye” times, such as very early in the morning or very late at night.


Skip first-class and make economy feel like first class. Talk to your concierge or visit the tourist bureau – sometimes, whole groups may be travelling to where you’re going and you could save a bundle by tagging along with them.


Do you have any tips for saving money on or for a holiday? Why not share them with our members?


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