Google to reimburse flights

Google Flights, when used in conjunction with Google Trips, Google Hotels and Google Maps, makes Google’s travel planning portal the go-to space for, well, travel planning.

And now, if you book a flight using Google Flights, especially one covered by the new Google price guarantee, you’ll be reimbursed for the price difference if the flight goes up by at least $5 after you book, reports Johnny Jet.

Google claims the “price guarantee is only available for flights for which we’re confident that the price won’t drop. Price guarantee only refunds you if the price of your flight drops after you book and before you fly.”

So, look for the colourful price badge when you’re selecting departing and returning flights.

Travellers will be reimbursed a maximum of $500 total for all flights per booking.

“After you book, you’ll get an email letting you know if the price dropped or not. If it did, we’ll send you a link where you can claim the difference. Once you fill out the form, Google will deposit the difference right in your bank account. If the price didn’t go down, you can rest assured that you got the best price with Google Flights,” says Google.

The feature is in testing mode and will be available on select flights booked by 2 September for travel through 24 November, but if it proves successful, hopefully it will be around for longer.

Do you use Google to plan your travels? Which is your favourite feature?

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