Google wants your travel photos

Answerer of all life’s greatest questions, Google has come up with a new way to use its maps application.

Called #ongooglemaps the latest innovation draws on user-generated content to fill in the details on their existing map technology. As you’ve probably already noticed if you use Google Maps to research places, the search engine tries to list as much information as possible including the address, contact details and website if relevant, any reviews as well as their Google street view image and any further images they’ve been able to tag to the venue.

#ongooglemaps will aim to improve this feature by adding even more images and information on various locations and points of interest. Collecting individuals’ pictures and experiences posted on social media with the hashtag #ongooglemaps, Google selects and adds images to the marked place in Google Maps.

With the incentive of having your picture shared on Google Maps’ social media platforms, as well as added into the functionality of Google Maps itself, you can now help chart the world with your holiday or activity snaps.

What do you think of this new feature? Will you give the hashtag a go on your next adventure?

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Written by SJ


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