Got glasses? This travel gadget is for you

Anyone who wear glasses, or feels the need to travel with multiple pairs of sunglasses (the struggle of choosing one pair is real) will understand it can cause issues when it comes to space. Cases for glasses are not exactly synonymous with being sleek or compact and those flimsy fabric ones do little to protect your precious goggles.

Thankfully this rather ingenious organiser solves all your multiple frame woes. Made from durable ballistic nylon it allows you to carry up to six pairs of glasses in one neat package. There is an additional pocket for jewellery or other small knick-knacks. If you don’t have six pairs of glasses to tote around, you can use the spare pockets for more jewellery or accessories.

eyebobs travel pack

Featuring a magnetic closure and handy metal hanger the only real choice here is, will you get the black, blue or red? 

RRP: approx. $67 plus shipping from Eyebobs.

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Written by SJ


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