Hit the road this winter

Winter has arrived and, while it is the coldest season of the year, it doesn’t mean that you have to hibernate. Most experienced RV holidaymakers have already headed north to follow the beautiful tropical sun, those less experienced are probably now on their way to try and escape the chilly south. We are so lucky that Australia is big and offers such unique experiences and destinations, allowing those of us who don’t enjoy putting on our winter woollies or braving the Australian cold to escape.

Winter can be one of the best times to take a road trip and head off in your motorhome, campervan, caravan or pop-top, and enjoy the season. We’ll give you five reasons why you should get out and go this winter.

1. Escapism
Many of us feel trapped, suffering higher levels of stress and anxiety in winter. Winter can be a difficult season with most of us staying inside from work to home and back to work again, all the while living inside a concrete jungle with hot ducted air blowing. Heading away on a winter break gives you a new reason to get excited, plan new adventures, see new destinations and more often than not can help you overcome the lower moods that are experienced in winter.

2. Less crowded
Think of Fraser Island in the summer and then think of it in the winter – whilst many southern folk head north, it is certainly going to be far less crowded in the winter than the summer months. You won’t have to compete for the best camp spot, views or restaurant. Experiences will be cheaper being low season. Bushwalking trails will be more serene with less noise around. And for those who aren’t partial to snakes and spiders, most of them go into hibernation in the winter, so there is less chance of coming across them on your walking trek.

3. Vista
The same destination that you usually head to in other seasons of the year can look completely different in winter. If rugging up isn’t an issue, why not head to Mt Kosciuszko or Mount Bulla and see the mountains in full snow? They are breathtaking. Beautiful green eucalypts are buried in snow and you can observe the fauna and flora in unfamiliar seasonal behaviour. Definitely a photo-worthy opportunity.

4. Winter activities
There are many unique outdoor recreational activities that can’t be performed in seasons other than winter, such as skiing, cross country skiing, whale watching – watching the whales migrate north to warmer weather. The Aurora Australis – Southern Lights is year-round; however, it is visually at its best in the winter, giving you even more reason to head south to Mt Wellington in Tasmania (said to be one of the best vantage points in Australia) over winter. Or why not experience Christmas like all the northern countries do in winter? There are many restaurants in Australia that celebrate Christmas in July. And nothing beats rugging up and sitting by a roaring campfire, sipping on a good mulled wine, toasting a marshmallow or two and breathing in the fresh cold air.

5. Shorter days, longer nights
Nights in winter are longer and colder. Winter enlivens your senses: perfect to grab your beanie, scarf and gloves and sit out under the clear starry skies around a campfire gazing up at the billions of stars and tucking into a campfire oven dinner or damper or even a cooked spud in foil. It is said that happy thoughts and comfort food predominantly eaten in winter are associated with the same part of the brain that controls sense of smell and also looks after long-term memories, behaviour and emotions.

So, therefore, you could say that in the cooler months, families that get together in the great outdoors will form fonder memories for recall in later life.

What are you waiting for? Take your pick of a motorhome, campervan, caravan or pop-top at Avida RV and get out and go on a winter escape.