Hotel how to’s go viral

If you’ve been wanting some fresh hotel how to’s, then this is your lucky day. Rick Klau posted a thank you message on Twitter for a knack he’d learnt about there years prior. He was met by a chain of hilarious hotel room tips and tricks that have gone viral online. The brilliant and bizarre advice from thousands of frequent hotel goers has been exposed. Here are the best.

  • Total travel cheat code along with grabbing free waters at the hotel gym. –Nate Williams
  • Best hotel tip: Instead of touching the disgusting TV remote, wrap it in the shower cap! –Melissa Morales
  • My hotel tip is to hang your shirt up on a coat hanger on the back of the shower door. The steam will help remove the creases from it being in your case. –Chris Spencer
  • Loop the cord of your phone charger around your car keys (assuming you have some) and never leave a charger behind again. –Chuck Doherty
  • Carry an HDMI cable to use the hotel TV as a second monitor for your laptop. It is the greatest when working in spreadsheets or databases. –Brian Sutton
  • My favourite hotel trick is to use the laundry bag for ice. Clean the sink and fill it in one go. Place your beverages in the ice and top off with water, it’s physics. –Jonny Wizard
  • I’ve taken nearly every bar of soap or bottle of shampoo that I don’t use and given them to homeless people. Everyone should do the same. –Jason
  • Another great tip for hotels with air-conditioning that can’t be turned off: put a wet towel on (the drawer of) your nightstand. That way you won’t have that much of a sore, dry throat in the morning. –Jeroen van der Ham

Some people have taken things to a new extreme, offering outgoing, if not questionable, upgrade solutions. While one tweeter suggested carrying a dead cockroach around with you, leaving it in the hotel room and then complaining to management – really? – others seem to think your room has all the equipment you need.

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Written by Liv Gardiner


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