How can I save on solo travel?

Mary has recently retired and is keen to celebrate with a trip to Asia. However, as she is travelling alone, she is concerned having to pay the single supplement may make the cost too prohibitive.

Q. Having recently retired, I am interested in spending some time somewhere in Asia. For the first time I will be a solo traveller and worry the cost will be somewhat prohibitive because of the single supplement. I guess there is little one can do about this, either pay the premium or decide not to travel?

A. Hello Mary. Travelling does not necessarily mean spending a king’s ransom. There are a few alternatives we can suggest.

Solo travel – Asia?

Asia is one of the most fascinating continents to visit but, when faced with going there alone, many people would have second thoughts. Travel IndoChina arranges small group tours, with numbers varying between 12 and 18, to all areas of Asia. Cambodia, India, Japan and Vietnam are just some of the countries of which you can enjoy a flavour. Travel Indo China also offers a ‘willing to share’ option, where, if you are happy to share with someone, you don’t pay a single supplement. And the bonus is that if no one is available to share, you get a room to yourself with no supplement. For more details, visit

Solo travellers club?

Many travel agencies have responded to the need for affordable solo travel deals by forming solo travellers clubs. Through such clubs you can meet like-minded travel companions before you head off on a trip, suggest places to visit and find someone to share with, thus avoiding single supplements. Seniors Holiday Travel is one such agency which has formed a club.?For more details, visit

House swapping

If you are looking for truly free accommodation, and you own your own home, you may wish to look into house swapping. This involves using a company to match you with a homeowner in another country. Both homeowners co-ordinate their travel and, quite literally, swap houses for an agreed period of time. It can be a great way to experience new places as a local might. Why not take a look at the HomeLink website to learn more?

The Couchsurfing website services millions of members in more than 230 countries and territories worldwide. It offers contacts for locals who are happy to have you stay, travellers seeking companions and lots of low cost or free events. It’s a community-benefit site and we highly recommend you check it out.

Written by Andrea