How to book better

No matter how hard you search for the best hotel deal, there’s always a chance the price will drop after you’ve booked.

Thankfully a Berlin-based start-up has designed a service to stop that. DreamCheaper aims to find travellers the best hotel deal. Nothing new you say? Well the groundbreaking part is that they try to do this after you’ve booked rather than before you make a reservation.

So how does it work? You simply book a hotel from anywhere in the world using any browser. Just make sure that your reservation can be cancelled for free. You then forward your reservation to DreamCheaper and they do the rest. The rest being they continually search for a better offer.

With systems that automatically scan hundreds of travel websites and millions of hotel deals, DreamCheaper will rebook your room and cancel your existing reservation – if, or, more likely, when, it finds a cheaper price.

Is there a catch you ask? Interestingly, DreamCheaper only charge you 20% of the savings they acquire for you. That means if they don’t save you any money, you aren’t charged anything.

With a success rate of two out of three reservations saving an average of $90, this is one service where you don’t snooze and lose.

Find out more at DreamCheaper.

Written by SJ