How to have a proper holiday

There’s travelling and then there’s holidays.

There’s a distinct difference between travelling and a holiday. Travelling can be demanding, hectic and somewhat relentless. A holiday, by definition, should be a break from your usual schedule or routine. A chance to unwind and hit refresh so you return to your everyday life rejuvenated. It helps it if involves a pool, beach or resort of some sort.

Sadly, given the ever increasingly fast-paced and technology orientated world we live in, it can be hard to truly switch off while you’re on holiday.

Here are a few ways to make the most of your next holiday and ensure you have a proper break. Thank me later.

Switch off 
Whether actually or metaphorically, disconnect from your device. Manage expectations upfront by letting colleagues or contacts know you won’t be online 24/7. If you do have to stay in contact with work or other people for some reason, schedule set times to check in on email or social media and respond to anything urgent. Whatever you do, do not spend your whole holiday mindlessly scrolling through your email or social media. There’s plenty of time to do that when you haven’t paid a fortune for a change of scenery.

Cut back your routine
Many of us are overly ambitious in our everyday lives. Scheduling our days to the second. Whether it’s blow drying your hair, not leaving the house without a full face of make-up, exercising every day or leaping out of bed at 6am – take a break from your usual routine.

I’m not saying you should sleep all day or walk around looking ugly. But, by the same token, do you really need to get up at 6am? Indulge in what you can’t – or don’t – do at home. Sleep in. Wear minimal or no make-up. Let your hair dry naturally. Walk instead of going to the gym. Drink the glass of wine or eat the dessert without worrying about the calories. This is your chance to do what makes you happy.

Don’t overcommit
Nothing stops a holiday dead in its tracks like over-scheduling does. It’s great to have an idea of everything you’d like to do before you go but don’t be disappointed when you don’t manage it all. It’s better to have done a few things well at a leisurely pace rather than run around and seen everything fleetingly. This will only ensure everyone ends up grumpy and exhausted – not the high note you’d like to go home on. Make sure you allow for plenty of downtime to rest and relax – two key aspects of any proper holiday.

There are many other things you can do to ensure your trip is more holiday and less travel. Pampering yourself with a special treat such as a massage or spa treatment is a good one. As is making time to do anything you’d like to do but don’t get a chance to do at home – books you’ve been meaning to read, movies you wanted to see, an activity you’ve always wanted to try. Whatever it is, if you’re stepping outside your routine, you’ll have a good break regardless of where you are.

How do you ‘switch off’ when you go away? 

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