How to pack lighter and smarter

Follow some simple tips to help you master the art of packing lightly.


  1. Research the weather at your destination

With a little help from Google, you can research what the weather is going to be at your destination. You may find that your winter woollies are not necessary.

  1. Choose the right bag

Try to take a bag which has one large compartment, rather than lots of smaller ones as this can limit what you will be able to fit into your bag. A lightweight bag is preferable; you don’t want to be slugged with excess baggage fees.

  1. Save your bulkiest items for on the plane

Don’t pack your overcoat and boots in your bag, wear them on the plane. You can always take them off and stow them in the overhead locker once you are aboard. If it is too warm to wear your overcoat when you disembark, tie it around your waist.

  1. Fill the gaps

There is empty space in your shoes which can be filled with smaller items, such as socks, underwear or chargers for your electronics.

  1. Avoid doubling up

If you are travelling with a partner, friends or family, you can avoid doubling up on items such as toiletries, phone and laptop chargers. Alternatively, don’t pack any toiletries at all and purchase them once you arrive at your destination.


Are you an expert packer? Do you have any packing tips to share? 

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