How to sneak in exercise on holiday


One of the fears when one is about to go on holiday is that they will come back with excess baggage both in terms of luggage and when they stand on the scales. With all that delicious and exotic food, more drinks than usual and lifestyle changes that usually involve less doing and more lazing, it is a concern that is completely understandable and warranted.


Even if your hotel or accommodation has a gym, this isn’t really what most people consider part of a good holiday. Thankfully there are other, more interesting, ways to ensure you get the exercise you need without sitting indoors surrounded by weights.


1. Walk everywhere
You need to get around anyway so rather than pay for a taxi and sit in traffic, plan ahead and work out how you can walk instead. Not only will you see more, including snapshots of the real local life, but you’ll be out in the fresh air and, hopefully, sunshine. Don’t dawdle along, wear comfortable footwear, make sure your camera is charged and embrace hills…your thighs and bum will thank you – plus you’ll be rewarded with the best views!


2. No lifts allowed
Of the metal, people carrying, variety that is. Opt for the stairs instead. Walking up and down stairs is a great workout for your legs and bum and will burn more calories than standing in a cramped lift ever can. If you’re really keen take stairs two at a time and see how fast you can make it to the top.



3. Carry your own bags
Lifting of this kind is one we will encourage. Remember when you were stuffing that last item you just had to have in your suitcase…well nothing will teach you to pack light more than carrying your own bags to and from your accommodation and transport. A great work out for your arms, make sure you aren’t silly about this and protect yourself from injury by bending your knees when lifting heavy items and engaging your abs to ensure that your core is helping, rather than using your shoulders or back.

4. Swimming
While lazing by the pool is most people’s idea of the perfect break, get more out of your tanning time by taking time out to dive in and swim some laps. You’ll still get the stunning views, and soak up the sun while also working your muscles and burning some extra calories.


5. Activities
Holidays are the perfect time to try out new past times that could even turn into hobbies. Many resorts offer sports such as tennis, golf, kayaking, paddle boarding or even classes including water aerobics or yoga. These are fun ways to try something new without feeling like you’re forcing yourself to work out. Who knows you may even like it, or at the very least meet some new people.


Prefer something more private?


The seven-minute workout is an app I can wholeheartedly recommend. Download it before you go away and set aside seven minutes of your day to follow its instructional workout. Made up of high intensity moves it can easily be done in a hotel room or any outdoors area that has a seat or bench.


Do you have any tips for keeping fit while you are travelling? Share them in the comments below.


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